State starting process of reinstating federal work requirements for able-bodied adults

Source: CNN

Able-bodied adults would have to complete 29 hours of work, job training or education per week to qualify for Medicaid under a bill advancing in Michigan.

A Republican-controlled Senate committee approved the legislation on party lines Wednesday, months after the Trump administration announced it would permit such work requirements under a waiver process. If the bill is enacted, it could affect up to 1 million nonelderly, nondisabled Michigan adults enrolled in Medicaid, government health insurance for low-income people.

Supporters say the Medicaid population is ballooning and costs are rising, and it makes sense to require that recipients work for their benefits. Opponents say the legislation would jeopardize access to health coverage and most of those who can work already do.

The measure goes to the full Senate for consideration next.

The bill has part-time workers, like Troy Fox, concerned.

"It's actually right around 30. I'd like to work more, but they only give you so many hours," Fox said.

He said he knows many people who cant get a full-time job.

"That also cuts off some of the people who work multiple part-time jobs. Which is a significant thing because I know more than a few people who have to," Fox said.

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