Michigan sheriff saves overdosing men in Qdoba parking lot


He was in the right parking spot at the right time.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller said he happened to glance inside a silver SUV to see the driver slumped over the steering wheel with the engine still running.

“And he was drooling, right away I recognized what I thought was an overdose,” Fuller said.

The sheriff said he was headed into Qdoba to pick up dinner when he did a double take.

“Then I see the passenger shooting up and I thought to myself, really?” Fuller said.

Fuller called 911 and within minutes a deputy pulled in with Narcan, the life-saving medication that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

“In both cases they were slumped over to the point that they were cutting off their own airways,” Fuller said.

The sheriff recently pushed to keep two doses of Narcan in every deputy's patrol car.

“He tossed me a Narcan and then he stops me and says gloves,” Fuller said.

Nine and a half years since his last patrol, the sheriff got a few tips from his deputy to treat the driver, who got the second dose.

“I was a little concerned for the passenger because he was a lot slower to come around,” Fuller said.

The Narcan kit brought the men back. The 23 and 28-year-old are expected to recover.

“What I felt we did last night was we stopped an overdose, that might not be the same as saving their lives. I think what will save their lives is if somehow they are taken away from that addition because they both admitted to having an addiction to heroin,” Fuller said.

Fuller said the chance encounter in the parking lot shows just how widespread the heroin epidemic really is.

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