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A Mid-Michigan newborn fighting for his life went to Boston to get the much needed surgery he had been waiting for.

Owen Wright, of Reese, was at the University of Michigan Hospital fighting for his life after doctors diagnosed him with Tetralogy of Fallot.

Tetralogy of Fallot is a condition caused by a combination of four heart defects.

Wright’s mother, Emily Howell, is by his side every day, hoping for a miracle.

“Our fear right now is that he won’t be able to get there on time, or something might change, and he can’t get there in enough time or at all because of insurance,” Howell said. “I had my son at 32 weeks and he was born with the Digeorge Syndrome, and one of the characteristics of that is a heart defect.”

Wright was born with a lot of health problems and to get the surgery he needed he had to go to Boston.

Howell said the problem they were running into getting to Boston was getting the approval from MI Medicaid.

“They haven’t seen it too much here at U of M. One of the main issues with it is the airway, and we were told that Boston has an airway procedure for it that can help him,” Howell said.

On March 27, everything was approved and accepted with the insurance, and on March 28 he went to Boston.

Howell updated her Facebook on April 7th saying that Owen have suffered a setback. She writes that he remains on a ventilator dealing with an infection in his right lung. 

The family is asking that people continue to pray for baby Owen. 

Howell said she was nine weeks from graduating from Delta College but has postponed her education to be there with her son. She said the financial and emotional strain has taken a toll on the family but they are all staying strong just like Wright.

“We’ve been so lucky they told us when I first had him that they didn’t think he would survive. Right now, we think we’re in a good place because he is stable,” Howell said.

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