The Back to the Bricks car show event Buicks on the Bricks was held in Flint on Saturday.

Flint's Back to the Bricks is known for all vintage cars, but just off Saginaw Street was only Buicks.

Becky Pettengill is part of the Buick Club of America's Flint chapter.

"There's a long history and heritage, a lot of pride in, in building Buicks here in this town," Pettengill said.

This year, a patio in Flint contained almost all original owner cars. Most of them dating back to the sixties or the seventies.

"It's a 66 Cadillac Gran Sport, has a 401 engine," Chuck Anderson said.

"Well, I have the Flint Flyer that was built in Flint 55 years ago. It's one of 12 special race cars Buick built," Kenneth Kayser, Flint Flyer owner.

"I was born and raised Flint, Michigan. Worked at Buick my whole career from the foundry to engineering," Anderson said.

"I used to live in Flint, I worked for GM, so I know all about Back to the Bricks. I thought this was the right place to bring the car and at the right time on its 55th birthday," Kayser said.

Both Anderson and Kayser have a special connection to the city. This is the first time Kayser brought his flint flyer back home.

"This is the heartbeat of general motors right here. Buick and Chevrolet were founded in Flint. General Motors was founded in Flint. The corporation papers were signed at the building across the street!" Kayser said.

Anderson drove his Gran Sport right out of the Buick plant in 1965.

"It's an outing, it's nice days usually, and get out and about enjoy, talk to friends, people, you run into people you haven't seen in years. Just an enjoyable event," Anderson said.

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