Michigan museum closes children's play area for renovations


The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum in Saginaw reopened its doors on Tuesday.

The museum, located at 315 W Genesee Ave, will feature new and improved exhibits and enhanced cleaning of toys and high-touch areas.

At this time, the museum is open Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Anyone 2-years-old and up must wear a mask, but no reservations are required.

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(2) comments

Bill C.

This idiotic trend toward vague and/or ambiguous nomenclature is out of hand. The purpose of words is to identify clearly and accurately, so as not to be misunderstood. Changing the name of the zoo from "Saginaw" to "Mid-Michigan" is misleading at best, and disrespectful to the city and to the generous Saginawians whose money has kept the zoo going.


First of all, it's about the children's museum, not the zoo. Which, by the way, IS named the Saginaw Children's Zoo. Secondly, the museum has been named MidMichigan Children's Museum for years, and you're only just now getting butthurt about it? Lastly, if you are that concerned, maybe you should write a strongly worded letter to the museum administration, which will be promptly ignored because who are you, exactly? FFS, getting offended by the word MidMichigan. Saginaw is in MidMichigan, last I checked, and kids from all over MidMichigan use it, so it seems to make sense to use it in the name. Stop being a snowflake and direct your anger to things that matter instead of what a kid's museum decides to call itself.

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