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A Mid-Michigan hotel ruled dangerous and unsafe will soon be demolished.

The Welcome Inn and Suites in Buena Vista Township shut down in 2016. In March, building inspectors found that the building was at risk of collapsing.

“You know it is an eyesore in the community. So, it’s time for something to be done,” Christina Dillard, Buena Vista Township Supervisor said.

Leaders in Buena Vista Township have run out of patience with the owner of the building. They want the owner to tear the building down, or the township will take it into their own hands.

“We’re giving him another 21 days to tear the building down or we will, the township will take over the building, and tear it down,” Dillard said.

Dillard said the 21-day clock started on April 12th. She said it would cost about $200,000 to demolish the structure.

“We will bill him back for the cost of tearing the building down and it will be added on to his taxes because he’s still the owner of the property,” Dillard said.

She said the hotel isn’t the only building she’s worried about. Across the street from the Welcome Inn and Suites is another former hotel also in a state of disrepair. She said she hopes the owner of that place gets the message.

“We are no longer going to tolerate dilapidated buildings to be in our community. We want to see a change, we want to grow, we want to prosper, and we need everyone to fall in line,” Dillard said.

Dillard sees the area in the future lined with high-end hotels and restaurants, but first, the old buildings of the past must be removed.

“With it being a major off-way, on-way within our community, we want to make sure it’s something that people can be proud to look at and feel safe to come into our community,” Dillard said.

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