A group of women made their voices heard at the office of a Mid-Michigan lawmaker.

The Women of Michigan Action Network said it was disappointed that Congressman John Moolenaar did not hold a Town Hall meeting during the recent recess. As a form of protest, they held their own last week.

Thursday's protest took place in front of the Congressman's office in Midland.

"We would really like to have an open town hall forum with him where any member can come and ask questions and hear his answers," said Sarah Schulz, with WOMAN.

She is one of the organizers of the group. Schulz said they have made multiple attempts to meet with the congressman face to face.

"In our action meeting almost everyone in our meeting raised their hand, about 100 of us. Saying that they had made phone calls to Congressman Moolenaar," Schulz said.

They are growing frustrated while seeing others in his position around the nation making the effort and taking the time to hear the concerns of their community.

Moolenaar set a meeting with the group for Friday.

When pressed about the lack of a town hall forum, Moolenaar said he is doing his best.

"I've had 26 different public forums and a teletown hall meeting. So I'm trying to provide as many venues as possible for having those kinds of discussions and I look forward to meeting with all of our constituents," Moolenaar said.

The women's group called Friday's meeting a step in the right direction.

Moolenaar said he plans to hold a face to face meeting this upcoming April, but so far a date has not been set.

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