Mid-Michigan man beats the odds to achieve dream of becoming doctor

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A local man is beating the odds and using a dose of determination in achieving his dream of becoming a doctor.

Before he went to medical school, he suffered a severe head injury. That injury prompted one of his doctors to advise pushing off going to medical school.

“I was ready to go to all these different schools and then the head injury happened,” Alexander Lake said.

Lake said he knew from an early age he wanted to become a doctor.

After he graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 he decided to take a year off before going to medical school.

Everything changed one night when he saw a woman being assaulted and tried to help. The attacker punched him and knocked him to the ground.

“It took about a minute for me to come to my senses because I went unconscious. And when I got up I was like wow, what just happened,” Lake said.

He said the next day nausea and severe headaches started to set in. Eventually he went to the hospital where doctors discovered a major problem.

“They found like a baseball sized bleed right here on the left side of my head and I had to have emergency surgery,” Lake said.

After spending five days in the hospital, doctors said he could go home. But a visit to his neuropsychologist showed his problems were far from over, threatening his dream of becoming a doctor.

“He goes, ‘you have some severe neurocognitive deficiencies from your heady injury and you should seriously consider not going to medical school or delaying it about a year,’” Lake said.

He was devastated.

With support from his friends and family, along with the help of an online program designed to assist third and fourth year medical students, he graduated in the top 10 percentile of his class.

He was accepted to his number one choice at Hudson Florida’s Internal Medicine Program and starts his residency July 1.

Lake wants to inspire others who may find themselves in a similar situation to never give up on their dreams.

“Us as humans, we have this amazing inherent ability to be able to react to things that are thrown at you and be able to form your own thoughts,” Lake said.

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