Savannah Celestino and her kids

A Mid-Michigan mother is sharing her story of facing cancer for the second time.

After a successful battle with breast cancer, Savannah Celestino was delivered the news she hoped to never hear – her cancer had returned.

Her family is spreading the word in hopes to rally support for the mother of two in the fight for her life.

“Devastating. The hardest part was telling my kids they were going to have to go through it again,” Celestino said.

In 2018, Celestino was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy. A year went by and after some initial struggling, Celestino said she was starting to feel better.

“It was supposed to be a close to zero percent likelihood of it returning,” Celestino said.

But the cancer did return. This time it had spread to her lungs, kidney, arm and collarbone.

The 33-year-old wife and mother of two will head to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America later this week.

“I’ll be going to Chicago back and forth for chemo and radiation and hopefully getting better,” Celestino said.

Now she is facing a new challenge. Her paid time off runs out on Friday, which means she will miss pay every time she goes to get treatment.

“That’s going to be hard. There was a GoFundMe page set up that people had donated to last year that is still active right now that my friend set up. And she’s still getting donations on it. So that’s helpful,” Celestino said.

Celestino is also asking for kindness from the community. Especially for her kids who are 12 and 8.

In the meantime, Celestino is going to do everything she can to get her health back.

“Recovery for good this time. I want to be able to have a summer break with my kids where I can enjoy it with them and not worry about being sick,” Celestino said.

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