The Florida shooting was the 18th school shooting this year.

It has almost become commonplace in America - leaving students, parents and school staff wondering how to prepare for an event like the Parkland, Florida shooting.

“It’s scary. It’s very scary sending kids to school these days, ever since Columbine a long time ago. It’s just worry,” said Carey Cargile, parent.

The recent shooting is making fear grow in parents as they send their kids to school.

Cargile’s daughter is a freshman in high school.

“I pray before my daughter goes to school every day that she’s safe and that all kids are safe,” Cargile said.

Henry Reyna, owner of Secure Solution, said being aware of your surroundings is key.

“We need to consider secondary exits. We need to consider using cover and concealment. We need to consider using things in our environment to defend ourselves and of course, citizens need to be trained,” Reyna said.

Reyna also stresses the need for being prepared.

“If you don’t have a planned response, if you don’t have proper training you are going to fail,” Reyna said.

Even though school shootings seem to happen more frequently, Marty Farmnsworth said he and his kids will not let fear win.

“I’m not gonna live in fear. It seems to be more of an epidemic and people just keep, people are just thriving on it right now. I don’t know what else to say, but I’m not gonna live in fear. And my kids aren’t gonna live in fear,” Farmnsworth said.

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