Expungement in Flint

Mid-Michigan residents took advantage of a second chance as hundreds of people lined up to apply for a clean slate.

Mid-Michigan residents took advantage of a second chance as hundreds of people lined up to apply for a clean slate.

Starting April 11, new state expungement laws go into effect giving people the opportunity to have up to three felony convictions removed from their record.

“Expungements, people want to clean up their records from criminal convictions,” said Flint councilman Eric Mays.

Hundreds of people came out to Pierson Road in Flint to clean up their records. Mays said through personal experience, he knows just how beneficial an event like this is to the community.

“I've had some ups and downs in my life and some of the things on my record holds me back, so I think it’s very important,” Mays said.

Sandra Johnson from the Hamilton Community Health Network was at the event.

“It is absolutely amazing,” Johnson said.

She also said it was not only was it an opportunity for help those who wanted to get their records expunged, but it was also a celebration for a new clean slate bill.

Which aims to set aside criminal records for people with up to three felonies and unlimited misdemeanors. That includes marijuana convictions, forgiveness for multiple acts committed during "One bad night" and traffic offenses.

She said it’s necessary to support returning citizens who want to turn their lives around but aren't given the chance to do so.

“To get those records expunged so that they can get gainful employment they can get financial aid they can have fairness in housing all of those things that are denied to individuals who have those felonies against them,” Johnson said.

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