Mid-Michigan residents ready for spring

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A fresh coating of snow covered most of Mid-Michigan on Wednesday.

“Mother nature is not going to let go I guess,” said Brett Reid, with the streets division in Saginaw.

Reid said crews are busy keeping the roadways clear.

“Always hit the bridges and the state highways first, which are looking good as of right now. We’ll still go back and touch up and then getting our major streets that are around the hospitals and schools. That’s what we’ve concentrated first,” Reid said.

With every snow event, salt barns throughout Mid-Michigan have to give up some loot. However, Reid said there is plenty of salt to go around.

“We’re looking good. We got good salt here as you can see. So, as of right now, we’re in good shape. And we’re going to be able to maintain the roads no problem the rest of the season,” Reid said.

Even though spring is still two weeks away, Reid would like winter to make an early exit.

“Well, I hope to see it go away. Because I got better things to do. Kind of sick of the snow by now,” Reid said.

In the meantime, Genesee County residents are dealing with a higher than average snowfall this season.

“I’m sick of it. I hate winter,” said Noah Roceheleau, resident.

The snow not only affected Roceheleau’s mood, but his drive as well.

“Going to CrossFit this morning was not good. But I think I’m getting a little bit better. It’s very wet right now,” Roceheleau said.

The Genesee County area received about three inches of snow from Tuesday into Wednesday. While the snow accumulated in yards and grassy spots, it melted on the roads – creating a slushy mess.

Roceheleau said he is extra careful in weather like this.

“For the most part, I give myself a lot of extra buffer room. I don’t do anything fast and I stop ahead of time,” he said.

Anthony Branch, with the Genesee County Road Commission, said crews worked overtime to clean up the streets.

“Yup, trucks out right now. The snow is light. And it’s warm enough that the salt is working very good,” Branch said.

The road commission laid salt across the county, but Branch said to use extra caution because if the temperatures begin drop the salt can be less effective.

“In your lower 20s down. From 25 on down you can expect there might be ice,” Branch said.

With temperatures dropping, Roceheleau is left to wonder when mother nature will turn the calendar to spring.

“Warmth. That’s all I’m looking for,” he said.

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