Sara Simnitch takes part in 'For Real' movement

Women have a built-in arsenal no matter where they go, foundation, powder, mascara, blush and bronzer.

Even Elizabeth Taylor said to “Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together!”

So, have we just become programmed to put on a face, everyday?

What are we making up for, anyway?

“I’ve learned that women, we’re all kind of screwed up, and feeling like we’re less than. We carry this with us, but yet nobody talks about it, not really. We just kind of get up and do our day, never really feeling good”, Trisha Hadley says.

Trisha Hadley wanted women to embrace their inner-beauty.

She was inspired by another Photographer, in the U.K., snapping shots of celebrities minus their makeup.

“I was like man, I really would love to do something like that. But, half the women I know don’t want to be photographed anyway. They’re usually behind the camera or running from the camera,” Hadley said.

She started with a goal to photograph around 20 women, and to date she’s photographed well over 100.

“Some women can leave the house with actually nothing on, that’s probably the smaller percentage. There are women who just can’t even leave the house without even just mascara, they feel incomplete,” Hadley says.

TV5’s own Sara Simnitch said she definitely fell under the category of feeling incomplete.

So, when she was asked to be a part of the “For Real” movement, she said she had no shame in admitting that she was scared!

Sure, she’s in front of cameras every morning.

But she said that wasn’t what scared her.

She said it was stripping her of a confidence boost, something that’s part of her daily routine, and just what makes her feel like “me”, her makeup.

That’s what scared her.

“I love makeup, I love getting my hair done, I love all of that stuff; but, I want women to not feel like they have to have something in order to feel complete,” Hadley said.

Challenge accepted.

When Sara arrived at Hadley’s Saginaw studio, she made sure to let her know this way out of her comfort zone.

It wasn’t the first time Hadley said she had heard that.

“It’s harder for me to get them to be relaxed, that’s the biggest hurdle I have to get over. But, once I get over that, the skin, the body none of that stuff matters,” Hadley said.

A stylist did Sara’s hair, put on some eye cream, a very light coat of mascara, and gave her brows a bit of a boost in color, and that was it.

“You’re seeing your skin, you’re seeing your eyes without any added stuff on them,” Hadley explained.

After a few minutes, Sara said she had completely forgotten that her face was makeup-free.

“This is fear number one, actually doing this part. Then the fear number two is getting ready to see those images from the shoot,” Hadley says.

Sara said that part was sort of scary, too.

The final product.

“Everyone gets all worked up, but it’s like, that’s me looking back at me. It’s weird,” Hadley says.

Like Marilyn Monroe said “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

To see more photo from the “For Real” campaign, including some more of Sara’s, click here.

There is a gallery night and fundraiser, celebrating this makeup-free movement.

It is ladies only, at Midland Center for the Arts, on April 4.

TV5’s Sara Simnitch will be there, and the proceeds from the silent auction benefits the YWCA Girls Empowerment Youth Camp of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

To buy tickets, click here.

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