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A Mid-Michigan school district is seeking millions in millages for better buses, new technology and building improvements.

“I just know that we have needs and this would be very helpful in us meeting those needs,” said Bay City Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Bigelow.

The needs could be solved with 28.4 million dollars. Bay City Public Schools are planning to add a bond request for that much money to the election ballot in May 2020.

“This is an opportunity for us to get in and create some additional funding for our enhancements that we need and do so in a way that it wouldn’t negatively impact our tax payers,” said Bigelow.

Some of these enhancements include building updates like a new gymnasium.

“Western Middle and High School share a building and we actually currently bus middle school students from Western to Handy where there is additional gym space,” said Bigelow.

"In fixing our locker rooms and adding a gym, we provide better access for all kids six through twelve and that's really our goal for whatever activity or what the learning might be," said Western High School Principal Judy Cox.

They are also looking to make upgrades to bathrooms.

“We’re looking at renovating bathrooms throughout the entire district,” said Bigelow. “They’re old, they’re tired, and in some cases, they need a lot of help.”

Cox said that some bathroom stalls don't lock.

"The stalls are very old so they're not very stable," Cox said. "They're very shaky so it's difficult to lock them."

Another part of the bond request will go towards improving bus transportation.

“As we look to our school buses hitting that end of life, we’d like to be able to replace them and this enables us to do that,” said Bigelow.

The school also hopes to receive new advances to technology.

“The other component which is major for our school district is technology,” said Bigelow.

The computers at the school are 13 to 15 years old and they are hoping to upgrade them and provide laptops to students in school and at home.

"With this bond, the school district will be able to buy devices on a format to ensure adequate technology and working technology for every student going out for the next ten years," said Bay City Public Schools Chief Academic Officer Patrick Malley.

The bond request wouldn’t increase current tax rates.

“We do not want to put any increased financial burden on them, but we want to make sure we are staying up to date and providing the best possible learning environment for our students,” said Bigelow.

"We want kids to all have a great learning environment," said Cox. 

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(2) comments


Sorry folks. The problems shown in that video are from decades of long term neglect. Not some unforeseeable incident. These are the type of problems, that if maintained properly over time don't become a major cost problem later. This is simply school administration not doing the job in a professional manner. It’s like ignoring the Check Engine light on your dash for years, then being shocked at the cost of the repair bill when the engine finally dies an early death. We should demand better.


its easy for you to sit back and say you have direct knowledge of this neglect? have you dealt with governmental accounting and how it works?

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