Midland officials: Get a permit before reworking a building or home


Local government building officials are reminding homeowners, landlords, and business owners to get a permit before repairing their building.

Many building owners have already received disaster assistance grants, settled their insurance claims, or are planning to dip into their savings to restore their structures following the historic floods in June. Before beginning any sort of work, state law requires you to check in with local government building officials to make sure that you have the proper permits.

City inspectors make sure the buildings under construction are meeting the minimum requirements of the state’s building code. These conditions are made to ensure safe structures are built in the community.

If a home is within a Special Flood Hazard Area, there are local ordinances that will affect how homes are reconstructed.

Once the renovation is complete, a Certificate of Occupancy is issued to the project’s owner so that building can be used by the public. Be sure to keep the receipts of materials used or contracted work.

After the project is finished, the insurance company will inspect the structure to confirm the verified work that was done. Permits are issued to prove the work was done by an accredited contractor.

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