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Millington Community Schools will spend at least the first week after spring break going remote/virtual.

Millington Community Schools will spend at least the first week after spring break going remote/virtual.

Superintendent Lawrence Kroswek said growing numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in the thumb coupled with many traveling out of town this week as the reason behind the decision.

"We've even had some people call us this week and say that they had tested positive who are in our school district and wanted to make us aware of it. So that kind of made the final decision for us," Kroswek said.

Millington Community Schools has been in-person four days a week with one remote day the entire school year.

"We want people to be able to stay home, to social distance, not get involved in large group gatherings if at all possible and especially here at school so that we can get through this," Kroswek said.

That's why Kroswek said he wanted to give families as much notice as possible.

"One of the reasons I wanted to get it out today was because you know people need to make arrangements for childcare. They need to be ready to you know have things done for next week if their children are not going to be in face to face instruction," Kroswek said.

Kroswek said the plan is to return to in-person instruction Monday April 12, but he'll be the first one to say everything is up in the air. Ultimately the number of positive COVID-19 cases will dictate what happens from here.

Kroswek said his students missed out on so much with the shutdown of schools last year. He doesn't want to see history repeat itself.

"We really hope we can finish in person and get through this latest surge not only in just the thumb of Michigan but in our state right now," Kroswek said.

Kroswek said extracurricular activities will continue as planned with state required mandates in place.

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