Mobile home residents receive water shutoff notices despite paying bills

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Residents in one local mobile home park are voicing concerns after receiving word they could soon be without water.

They claim their water expenses are included in their monthly rent payment.

“It hasn’t been easy,” said Brittany Houser, resident at Elms Mobile Home Park in Flint.

Houser said they have been paying their rent, which covers the cost of water, for months.

To her surprise, she and the rest of the park received shut off notices from the city saying they will not have water come June 4.

“I thought it was bull crap. I really felt like the management is not doing their job,” said Deanna Dalton, resident.

Dalton has paid $323 in rent with $34.03 of that for water. She wonders where that money is actually going.

“Because if they were paying the bill we wouldn’t be on the shut off list,” Dalton said.

Residents said they have tried to get to the bottom of it, but no luck.

“Management is never in the office,” Dalton said.

They said something needs to happen.

“There are several families who live here that have little kids. They can’t afford to be without water,” said John Houser II, resident.

TV5 reached out to Denmark Management, who runs the place. They could not comment because the general manager was on vacation.

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