Mom: Cannabis oil has been a game changer for son with autism

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A mother says cannabis oil has been a game changer for her family.

Her son’s behaviors were so extreme he was put in a holding cell at 7-years-old.

Amie Carter’s son Jayden has autism. She said at one time he was totally out of control and she felt helpless.

Just over a year ago things started to change. She started researching cannabis oil as an alternative treatment for Jayden.

Carter said his fits of rage and uncontrollable outburst virtually disappeared. She said just throwing a football around the yard is something they would have never been able to do in the past.

“It’s a whole new world. He’s very mindful now. He has empathy for others. At school, he’s even making good choices,” Carter said.

Jayden said he feels good.

“I feel happy. I don’t feel irritated all the time now,” Jayden said.

Carter said Jayden has been taking cannabis oil since 2016. She said they have been able to reduce the amount of other medication Jayden takes as well.

“I’m happy to say that he has weaned off of 80 percent of his pharmaceutical medication. He was on extremely high doses of Risperdal and Abilify,” Carter said.

Carter is now a cannabis oil advocate because of the results.

Jayden was able to get his medical marijuana card because of other health reasons, but Autism is not on the list of approved conditions in the state.

Carter wanted to make it easier for people living with autism to get cannabis oil.

“Tomorrow we’re going to a public hearing in Lansing to hopefully add autism has an improved condition on the medical marijuana list,” Carter said.

She said she gives Jayden two capsules of cannabis oil a day. She said even the school and teachers are starting to notice an improvement in him.

“Cannabis has given us a life without bruises and hitting and abuse. Can regulate his emotions and it has unlocked his brain,” Carter said.

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