A Mid-Michigan mom is making it her mission to put an end to lunch shaming and make sure no child goes hungry at school.

The Grand Blanc mother was appalled when her son told her one of his classmates had his hot lunch taken away because he didn’t have any money.

Now she is turning her anger into action.

“I think that we can do better as a school district,” said Harmony Lloyd, Grand Blanc parent.

Lloyd couldn’t believe her ears when her son came home from Grand Blanc East Middle School and told her a cashier took away his classmate’s hot lunch due to insufficient funds.

“We just can’t do that,” she said.

The incident happened four months again. At the time, she said she called the school and even raised the issue with the board of education.

She claims it was promised it would never happen again.

“But then it happened again this week. And so that’s why I feel like we need to keep the conversation going and make some definitive changes,” Lloyd said.

TV5 asked the Grand Blanc superintendent on why certain students’ lunches were being taken away.

“We did have a student whose account was overdrawn, but it wasn’t as if the lunch was taken away from the student. The student was given some alternatives in terms of other lunches,” Superintendent Clarence Garner said.

Garner said no student in the Grand Blanc district is asked to go hungry, even if they can’t afford to pay.

He even mentioned a $1,000 donation was made to the district in order to help pay for students’ outstanding lunch bills.

Garner said that money was dried up almost instantly.

“It actually covered lunches that kids were not able to pay for for about a nine-day period of time,” Garner said.

However, Lloyd believes the district needs to do more. She has even raised the issue with Senator Jim Ananich to pass legislation preventing students from being lunch shamed if they can’t pay.

She said she wants to see Grand Blanc take action toward the issue first.

“I’ve had so many other people that have said, ‘I’d be interested in creating a lunch school fund for these emergency type situations.’ But we need to change the policy first and then worry about raising the money,” Lloyd said.

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