Wheeler Township

A Mid-Michigan man is asking for some peace and quiet after months of noise outside his windows.

"It’s miserable. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy," James Bonar said.

Whether it's a video posted to Facebook 6:30 at night or our TV5 cameras on the scene at 11 in the morning, Bonar says this noise is relentless.

TV5 had to interview Bonar on the other side of his home to block out enough sound just to hear him talk.

"The construction started about four months ago and the noise has been ongoing,” he said. “They've had big heaters and generator things running over there all night long."

So, what's the source of all this racket?  We asked the tough questions and found out West Yankee LLC is performing work on a pipeline owned by Zeeland Farm Services.

The project located at the corner of Mason and Olive roads in Gratiot County is right next to Bonar's home.

"It's loud enough during the day that I shouldn't have to hear it,” he said. “I can't even be out in my yard without hearing protection. and I have three little kids in the house that have to listen to it too."

The project manager declined our request for an on-camera interview. But he said off-camera that he just learned about this problem and that work would cease from the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and that work here would be completed in two weeks."

"I don't know if I can personally take it, two weeks of listening to the noise and not being able to sleep,” Bonar said. “It's just a burden on my whole family and the stress is unbearable."

He’s has called police and hired an attorney.

Bonar says all he wants is some peace and quiet. He never imagined that would be so hard to get living out in the country.

"It would be wonderful for the whole entire family," Bonar said.

Zeeland Farms Services released the following statement to TV5:

“We are aware of a noise complaint from a resident near our work site. We have unsuccessfully attempted to contact the resident to resolve the issue.

ZFS Ithaca and its contractors apologize for any inconvenience caused by our construction project and will ensure completion of construction continues to comply with all applicable ordinances.

The construction is related to the new ZFS Ithaca grain processing facility that is ramping up operations. The project has created over 70 jobs in Michigan as the state’s largest soybean processing facility.”

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