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U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters announced $7,943,865 in funding will go toward helping cities and counties in Mid-Michigan in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This funding was included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was signed into law on March 27.

“Cities and counties are on the front lines of this battle. This funding will give local governments additional resources to respond to this unprecedented threat. Communities can use these funds to meet the unique and growing needs of their communities with things like assistance to businesses, job training for health care workers, shelter for homeless people, testing, equipment and supplies,” Stabenow said.

Cities and counties across the region will receive more than $5,567,248 through Community Development Block Grants for preventing and responding to the spread of COVID-19.

Emergency Solutions Grants will get $2,376,617 to reduce the spread of coronavirus among the homeless population.

“The unprecedented public health and economic challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic are hitting our communities especially hard and this funding will make a difference for Michiganders who need extra assistance,” Peters said. “It is critical that the healthcare facilities, senior centers and food banks that serve our communities receive the resources they will need throughout this crisis, and I am encouraged that the increase in funding to the Community Development Block Grants that Sen. Stabenow and I fought for as part of the CARES Act is now being distributed to communities across Michigan.”

Funding will go toward the following cities or counties:

  • Bay City
    • Community Development Block Grants - $734,522

  • Flint
    • Community Development Block Grants - $2,344,230
    • Emergency Solutions Grants - $1,178,500
  • Genesee County
    • Community Development Block Grants - $1,084,219
    • Emergency Solutions Grants - $553,817
  • City of Midland
    • Community Development Block Grants - $132,247
  • City of Saginaw
    • Community Development Block Grants - $1,272,030
    • Emergency Solutions Grants - $644,300

The state of Michigan will also receive an additional $38 million for distribution to other local communities in the state.

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