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Mosquitoes have set up a bloodsucking buffet in a Midland County community.

Several days of rain and warmer temperatures have created the perfect environment for their populations to explode.

"There's way too many of them for this time of year,” John Schwartz said.

Schwartz said he’s seen enough mosquitoes recently to last a lifetime.

He lives in Lee Township, an area that Midland County Mosquito Control said is a hotbed for the biting bugs.

Schwartz said the only way to avoid being eaten alive is to brave the elements wearing a long-sleeve shirt and pants.

"I have O-negative blood. I thought maybe they like that better, but they eat on my horses a lot,” Schwartz said.

Down the street, Peggy Jackson is also feeling the effects of what warm and wet weather earlier this month has left behind.

"As you can see they're flying around and one is on your head,” Jackson said.

Jackson said going outside isn't on her list of favorite things to do these days.

"It's a little hard to go for a walk with the dog because the mosquitoes are everywhere,” she said.

Meanwhile, other residents said they have their own way of dealing with these bloodsucking pests.

"I'm pretty much dealing with them by not dealing with them,” Jerry Garner said.

Garner is spending a lot of time inside these days, but he’s quick to point out those of us in Mid-Michigan aren’t the only ones doing the mosquito dance.

“We were up in Marquette a week ago and I think they were fairly bad up there too,” Garner said.

Midland County Mosquito Control officials said they're spraying down streets and thermal fogging in wooded areas to smoke out as many mosquitoes as possible.

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