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A Mid-Michigan mother with a story about a baby that just couldn’t wait to enter the world.

She couldn’t get to the hospital in time, so she delivered her baby in the driveway.

“No! No! No! Is what I kept saying,” said Riann Runyan.

Not here in my driveway Runyan thought as her daughter Emmalynn Dubay came into the world on Wednesday night.

Runyan was home alone when the contractions started.

She called her boyfriend, Dustin Dubay, and told him his daughter was coming.

By the time he got home from work Emmalynn’s arrival was just four minutes away.

“I couldn’t sit down in the car because I felt her head,” Runyan said.

The little bundle of joy wasn’t waiting for mom to get to the hospital.

Runyan and Dubay had to deliver their precious girl by themselves.

Moments later first responders arrived to take over.

“Everything turned out fine,” Runyan said.

Meanwhile, Runyan’s boyfriend said he couldn’t believe what he was hearing on the other side of the phone.

“I was kind of surprised,” Dubay said. “A little bit anxious, kind of panicked but excited, really excited.”

Turns out Emmalynn wasn’t due until Monday.

Dubay told me it is a bit of a shock to see Emmalynn here now.

He never imagined she would be born in the driveway and he certainly sees his driveway in a different light.

“It’s going to be a whole different area,” Dubay said. “It’s going to be a spot that I’ll be able to remember for sure the rest of my life.”

Both baby and mom are doing fine.

Runyan wants big things for her daughter born in the driveway.

She just hopes she takes her time getting there.

“Slow down in life,” Runyan said.

This was Runyan’s third child and safe to say her most interesting birth story yet.

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