A mother of four is pleading for your help after her home was destroyed in a fire over the weekend.

The fire is believed to have started in the bedroom and quickly spread throughout the mobile home. Everyone made it out safe except for the family pets.

It happened on W. Prairie Road in Midland County’s Lee Township.

“It’s still kind of really surreal for all of us,” said Jenifer Vollmer, mother.

Vollmer said her live-in boyfriend fell asleep while smoking a cigarette. She and her kids were not home at the time, but the family dog and another animal perished.

Now she is hoping viewers can lend her a hand.

“What we’re really trying to work on is help in trying to get another house on this property. I’m still having to make payments. It’s on a land contract,” Vollmer said.

Vollmer said she has no home insurance because money was tight so she let the insurance lapse last May.

“We were struggling to pay our bills and you know, we got behind on our house payments. And I actually just started a job about five days ago. You know, everything was starting to look up and then this happened,” Vollmer said.

A close friend is letting Vollmer and her kids stay with her for the time being.

“The kids were with me when the fire happened and so they were already there. And I just told her, ‘you know, you need a place to stay. Come stay with me,’” Sara LaLone said.

LaLone and her family have welcomed Vollmer with open arms. LaLone is hoping the TV5 Surprise Squad can deliver.

“They deserve to have a home. They’re a good family and she’s a good mother,” LaLone said.

As for Vollmer, she said she has gotten plenty of donations in the form of clothes and household items from the community. She is just hoping for a home to put them in.

“It’s been pretty tough on us, but we really do appreciate all of the help,” Vollmer said.

If you can help send an email to wnem@wnem.com. A fundraiser page has also been set up to help the family.

If you would like to speak to someone about a donation, reach out to Midland Missionary Church, 2489 W. Prairie Road, Midland.

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