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A Mid-Michigan woman is traumatized after she says her daughter was almost abducted Friday.

“It was so traumatizing,” said Samantha Voelker, mom.

It was the scare of a lifetime for Voelker and her 2-year-old daughter Adriana.

“I thought I was losing my life. I mean, my daughter is my life,” Voelker said.

Voelker said she had to stop her daughter from being kidnapped on Friday in the Walmart parking lot in Vienna Township.

She went to the store to grab some groceries and walked out to her car to load them while Adriana sat in the cart.

Voelker said she turned her back for mere seconds to lift a few bags into the trunk.

“I had turned around and noticed the lady, she had her halfway out of the cart,” Voelker said. “I snatched her from her. I shut my hood and I went into the store and called the cops.”

Shortly after, police arrived on scene and arrested the woman.

Voelker said a man was with the woman who grabbed her child but doesn’t know what happened to him or if he was involved.

The family is left shaken after such a close call.

“She not only traumatized me, she traumatized my daughter. And I’m pressing charges and she needs to serve the time. She needs to serve because once they do it they’re gonna do it again,” Voelker said.

Voelker said she wants her experience to serve as a reminder that you can never be too careful.

“Put your kids in the car first. Make sure you always have your eyes on them. Always have them in your care no matter what. I wanna let parents know to just be on the lookout,” Voelker said.

The Genesee County Sheriff's Office said they are investigating.

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