IMAGE: Dakota Rico

Dakota Rico was found shot dead behind the wheel of a pickup in southeast Saginaw, not far from where his father lived.

That happened three years ago and his family is still looking for closure.

Ryan Boshaw - Dakota’s brother - and their mom Sue Rico spend a lot of time keeping up Dakota’s grave in Midland.

IMAGE: Dakota Rico's family at grave

Sue can’t believe her son’s killing has turned into a cold case.

“There’s no reasons why or who. They had one suspect, but he was locked up on a different charge and after that the case went cold. We have nothing. No information of who or why,” she said.

Dakota had been visiting his father in Saginaw the night the incident happened. He went to a local party store and while sitting in his truck, he was killed in a hail of bullets.

“From what I have gathered, the people who did it knew him because he was shot four times on the driver’s side and then after the truck came to a rest, they shot him numerous new times,” Sue said.

Boshaw has created a Facebook page remembering his brother in hopes that anyone who might know who the suspects are will come forward.

“It’s #JusticeforRico and I post updates about the case and I do every year an update type of thing,” Boshaw said.

Sue misses her son, nicknamed Coty, every day.

“Coty was fun. He was very outgoing. I still have people come to me that knew him that I didn’t know knew him. He was an outgoing, funny kid. He was out there,” Sue said.

Dakota left behind a 4-month-old daughter.

Sue asks anyone that knows anything about what happened to her son to come forward.

“Talk to the detectives. I mean, any answers will do,” she said.

State police are handling the investigation into Dakota’s killing.

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