MSP trooper credited with saving hawk's life

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A Michigan State Police trooper is being praised for going above and beyond, showing compassion for life big and small.

When Trooper Ruth Osborne got the call about an injured hawk on the side of the road she was reluctant at first, but knew she had to act fast.

"I was a little nervous about that because I was concerned that it might freak out on me," Osborne said.

It wasn't the typical Tuesday afternoon for Osborne. She said there was a report of an injured hawk on the side of the road near the post, so she nervously set out to find it.

When Osborne found the bird she was surprised by how clam it was.

"It was injured enough that it was just standing there. So I was able to put it in the box and take it to the wildlife rehabilitators," Osborne said.

That's where Sandra Miner came in. She is a specialist who has been rehabbing birds for almost 40 years. She could tell right away the hawk had a chance to live.

"There's a bump on her head. So it leads me to think she has a little concussion. Her eyes are fine and so she's just in a quiet cage resting and that's some of the best things you could do for her," Miner said.

Miner said she specializes in raptors and is currently rehabbing six other birds.

"Sometimes it takes two, three, four weeks. Sometimes it takes four, five months," Miner said.

She said she wouldn't be able to do it without help from the community locating the animals.

"I am so grateful for the trooper helping us out. That meant a lot," Miner said.

As for Osborne, she said it's important for folks to report any injured animal.

"They should report it. They should definitely not go and approach the animal themselves. let the rehabilitators if they can come out or a police officer if they can take care of it," Osborne said.

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