Mudslide flips truck, traps driver

CNN Photo

A mudslide left a California driver trapped and up-side-down in his pickup truck.

The moving earth was so forceful it flipped the vehicle onto its roof before the vehicle slid into a ditch. The driver made it out ok, but said the ordeal made for some scary moments.

"I was right there, I was right next to it,” Arne Huddin said.

The huge landslide came down Tuesday Morning on Northbound Highway 17, slamming into Huddin’s pick-up truck like a runaway train.

"Slow lane saw it starting to happen, switched over into the fast lane thinking that I could get by it. umm went into slow motion saw the whole mountain come down,” Huddin said.

Huddin's truck was picked up like a toy and tossed over the center divider and into the southbound lanes. Huddin was trapped for about ten agonizing minutes, as rocks and debris fell around him.

By the time people stopped to help he had crawled out on his own, bloodying his hands in the escape.

"I couldn't get out of the seatbelt for quite a while and everybody just kept passing and it took me a while to get enough slack in it to release it so I could crawl out of that. I was trying to get out before more came down on me,” he said.

The slide occurred during a period of especially heavy rain that resulted in several smaller slides on both sides of the summit and wide spread flooding as crews cleared storm drains.

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