Muscles and mimosas

For many, flipping the calendar to 2019 often means flipping into a new exercise routine.

A local fitness program hopes it has whipped up the right mix of fun and fitness to help people keep their resolutions.

“It’s really intimidating when you walk into a gym and you see all this equipment and tons of people exercising and grunting and you’re like what do I do,” said Marquita Adams, fitness trainer.

While many rang in the new year with a late night, others kicked it off with an early morning workout and mimosas with Harambee Wellness.

“I wanted to provide a fun environment to get people in the habit of exercising,” Adams said.

It is especially important to people like Selina Ruffin. After suffering a heart attack, she knew it was time to make fitness a priority.

“I’m actually hoping to gain strength in my heart. I had a heart attack two years ago, so my goal is to keep my heart pumping and gain more strength,” Ruffin said.

She has a goal of losing 30 pounds and plans to hit the gym often this year.

“The most difficult part is actually getting up and coming to workout. But once you start it becomes a habit and then you just feel guilty if you don’t come,” Ruffin said.

Adams said the key is to just get started. Whether it’s 20 minutes on the treadmill or doing jumping jacks at home.

“Everyone had to start somewhere. No one walked into the gym knowing what to do and if they did I need to talk to them,” Adams said.

This is the second year for the Muscles and Mimosas event. Each year has one goal in mind, to have a healthy and fit lifestyle.

“Just get up and go. Just put your clothes on and just leave the house and go,” Ruffin said.

Harambee Wellness offers pop-up training throughout the Genesee County area as well as personal training, meal planning and group fitness.

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