'My Body, My Choice' protest held in Saginaw County

The battle over abortion comes to Michigan.

The Republican-led legislature passed bills to prohibit second-trimester abortions. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer promises to veto them.

Now opposing groups, one supporting the governor and the other promising a petition to override Whitmer, are facing off.

Protesters lined the sidewalk in front of Rainbow Park in Kochville Township on Sunday, May 19 all after the anti-abortion group “Right to Life of Michigan” announced their plans earlier this week.

In a statement, the director of communication/education at "Right to Life of Michigan" Chris Gast said:

“We hope Governor Whitmer reconsiders these bills. Tearing the arms and legs off of human beings is indefensible and has no place in medicine. We applaud our pro-life leaders in the legislature for passing these bills to end dismemberment. If Governor Whitmer follows through on her threat, we plan on collecting 400,000 signatures to bypass her and end late-term dismemberment abortions in Michigan.”

But for “My Body My Choice” organizer Brianna Scott, she said she’s thankful for the Governor’s response and invited anyone from far and wide to join the protest.

“I just want to thank Gretchen Whitmer, that’s all I have to say,” Scott said. “We’re happy to have her in office at least.”

Even with the governor’s support, protester Jade Alexander said it’s still important for her to get out and express her concern.

“I feel angry that my choice as a woman is being ran by someone other than me that somebody else has a choice over my body that isn’t me,” Alexander said.

With a positive and peaceful turnout, “My Body My Choice” said they’ll continue to speak out and make their voices heard.

“I want to do this for a living, so I’m really happy to be here and I want to see a lot of people come out and we’re going to be doing another one on June 2nd,” Scott said.

The protest on June 2 will be from noon to 4 p.m. at the Krossroads Rainbow Park in Saginaw.

"Right to Life" said they do not plan to begin circulating petitions until the Board of State Canvassers approves the form.

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