Nassar survivor speaks out about arrest of former MSU dean

Source: WWMT

The survivors of abuse by Larry Nassar say it's no surprise the disgraced doctor's former boss now faces criminal sexual charges.

As Dean of the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, William Strampel oversaw the campus clinic where Nassar worked and molested young women and girls for decades.

Sterling Reithman, a Kalamazoo woman who survived Nassar's abuse, said the survivors told Michigan State officials that Strampel was part of the problem.

Still, a sentence long enough to ensure Nassar will likely die in prison is not justice in the eyes of Riethman.

“Because Larry was not the only problem at Michigan State,” Reithman said.

Nassar's former boss at MSU, William Strampel, is accused of sexually assaulting and harassing medical students.

“In some way they knew that they could get away with what they were doing because of the lack of accountability,” Riethman said.

Along with the pornographic images that appear to be of MSU students found on Strampel's work computer, the criminal complaint said investigators also uncovered a video of Nassar performing a so-called "treatment" on a young patient.

“It proves that MSU needs to believe the survivors, it is not about the reputation, it is not about the brand, and we have evidence now that their statement saying that no one knew about Larry's actions is false,” Riethman said.

Investigators have not released what that video shows or when it was loaded onto Strampel's computer.

“I know what I went through, I know what these other 250 women went through and it's not treatment,” Riethman said.

Critical of Michigan State's response, Riethman said the allegations against her abuser's supervisor are sickening, but not surprising.

“It was another hit to the stomach because we are fighting so hard for change,” Riethman said.

Riethman said protecting young women and girls, believing abuse survivors, and change should be common sense.

Riethman said this is not just a MSU problem, it's a cultural problem that needs to be addressed.

MSU has repeatedly claimed there was no cover up to protect Nassar and that no one knew about his abuse.

More than 200 have joined civil suits against MSU over how the school handled and investigated allegations against Nassar.

“At this point it's not even about what happened to us, it's about protecting everyone else that comes through their doors because right now I'd be very concerned,” Riethman said.

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