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Anyone who lives in public housing will have to take their smoke break outside starting July 31.

A nationwide ban on smoking inside any public housing unit – or within 25 feet of them – goes into effect on Tuesday, July 31.

It is a policy that is already in place at all Bay City Housing Commission properties.

Violators could face eviction if caught.

“I’m not with it. I’m not with it,” said Reginald Johnson, resident at Rosien Towers in Saginaw.

Housing and Urban Development enacted the policy, which bans smoking in and around public housing properties.

“When you’re paying your rent, you should be able to have that privacy. That’s like your domain, you know,” Johnson said.

Johnson has been lighting up for 45 years. He understands one of the goals of the ban is to reduce second-hand smoke and the medical costs that go along with treating ailments because of it.

However, Johnson has his own suggestion on how to avoid second-hand smoke.

“If you can get second-hand smoke from catching my smoke, I mean hey, stay away from me when I’m smoking,” he said.

Non-smokers like David Chapman agree with the new policy.

Chapman’s concerns with cigarettes aren’t just limited to second-hand smoke.

“That along with you know, the chances of people falling asleep with a cigarette and catching the whole building on fire, putting everybody else in jeopardy. So yeah, I think a lot about that,” Chapman said.

Non-smokers aren’t the only ones supporting the ban.

“I think that’s good,” said Carol Young, smoker.

Even though Young smokes, she likes the idea of the smoking ban. She said at the very least, the area will look a lot better with fewer cigarette butts.

“Make the property look bad. Looks like nobody cares when they do that,” Young said.

As for Johnson, he is concerned the federal government should just butt out.

“I hope that they can ban the ban,” he said.

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