Eyesore in Bay City

Neighbors are frustrated with a property they say is beyond repair.

The city said it’s working to make sure the owner brings it up to standards.

“It’s just one of those things that I’m fed up with. I’m tired of it. I don’t know what else to do. I’m at my wit’s end,” said John Hartson, Bay City resident.

Hartson is frustrated over the condition of the home at the corner of Lincoln and 15th Street in Bay City.

Hartson and his wife Pat have lived next to the house since 1989. They said the last couple of years have been horrible with trash strewn around the yard, what appears to be a broken-down vehicle outside and overgrown vegetation.

“We called the city. We talked with the city,” Hartson said.

They are not alone. Other neighbors said they want the city to force the homeowner to clean up the yard.

“I think there have been a lot of councilmen over here that have told me they’re going to do something about this for the past few years. The deal is, they don’t live next to that house. They live in some nice, poshy little suburban island. And I have to get up every morning and look at this house. And it needs to be taken care of,” said Lori Kerkau, neighbor.

Neighbors said there is another concern about the property and it has to do with vermin.

“We have caught two rats in our backyard along the fence line from the house next door,” Pat Hartson said.

TV5 contacted Bay City officials to ask the tough questions about the house.

Community Development Director Debbie Kiesel said a court date has been set for the next few weeks and the city hopes a judge will order the homeowner to comply with city ordinances and clean up the property.

Kiesel said she couldn’t comment due to the pending litigation, but said the house poses health and safety issues.

The Hartsons hope for the best.

“We have faith in the city right now to take care of this problem,” John Hartson said.

The court date has been set for Nov. 5.

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