Nestle delivers trucks full of bottled water to Flint residents


When the state of Michigan granted Nestle the ability to pump more groundwater out of the Great Lakes state for next to nothing, it ruffled feathers in the city of Flint.

The timing made it even worse when just days before bottled water distribution ended in the city.

But after harsh public backlash, Nestle decided it will donate truckloads of water each week for the next several months.

The first delivery was made on Thursday morning, May 10.

“This means a lot,” said Harriet Noise.

As cases and cases of bottled water flow into the back seats of Flint residents once again, Noise feels relief.

“Two years ago my water tested 10 times the legal limit,” Noise said.

That’s why Noise said she just can’t bring herself to trust the tap and relies strictly on bottled water, something the state stopped providing Flint over a month ago.

But now Nestle is stepping up to give water to the people who need it most.

Nestle has agreed to deliver three semi-truck loads of water a week, that’s about 100,000 bottles of water.

The cases will be distributed by volunteers at help centers across the city on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Long lines wrapped around Bethel United Methodist Church. Nestle said they’ll be handing out water until Labor Day and possibly even longer.

“Our goal is to operate sustainability,” said Jason Manshum, the community relations manager for Nestle in Michigan. “To be able to provide people with healthy hydration and in communities like Flint where it’s desperately needed. We are happy we can help to contribute.”

Flint Mayor Karen said with the state backing out before all the lead service lines have been replaced, getting a company like Nestle to help out has been a godsend.

“To see it like this is a wonderful thing,” Weaver said. “We're thankful for this because we’re still in need of the bottled water as we get through this service line replacement.”

Noise said she truly appreciates Nestle, local churches, and city leaders for this safe drinking water but really just wants one thing.

“Please, please get our water fixed,” Noise said.

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