IMAGE: Bonnie Kanicki

There is a new leader of the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center.

After serving more than 30 years with Michigan State Police, Bonnie Kanicki is now working to save abandoned animals and put animal abusers behind bars.

She is also revealing new information about the animal control facility coming to the area.

“I wanted to use my experience of fostering, as well as my law enforcement background and my executive management experience specifically with the state police, and I wanted to bring it forward to a place that I could help,” Kanicki said.

Kanicki officially begins her tenure as director of the Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center in a week. But on Tuesday, she spent time getting familiar with her new surroundings.

Kanicki said one of her first objectives is to move forward with criminal investigations in animal abuse cases.

“We instituted an animal cruelty coalition within the county to ensure that the animal cruelty cases were timely, reviewed, and potentially prosecuted. And I’m going to begin there as well,” Kanicki said.

Kanicki is aware her position has had a lot of turnover. She says despite that, a lot of positive things have been accomplished during the last few years and she wants to keep the momentum going.

“Have an opportunity for a fresh start here and not eliminate the good things that were going on, and the good ideas that were brought forward, and the good things were instituted, and the hard work that was done – mainly to pass the millage for the new building,” Kanicki said.

Kanicki also knows a lot of Saginaw County residents want to know when they will get the new animal care and control center they voted for last August.

“I believe the sites have been narrowed down to three,” she said. “I believe they’re very close to actually selecting a site, but that has to come from the commissioners and not from the new director.”

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