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Non-profit that helps clothe and care for foster children needs help finding a new home of its own.

“Without this resource, I couldn't afford to be a foster parent,” Cynthia Willman said.

The last three years Cynthia Willman has helped children in the foster system.

She says it's only been made possible because of access to resources like the Foster Closet Tuscola County Branch.

“We go through so many kids, with each kid you have a new set of needs bedding, socks, underwear, clothing,” Willman said. “You start from scratch with every kid that comes through your door.”

The Foster Closet is run by another foster mom, Kathy Maize.

She says they've been set up in the Millington Junior High building for the last two years. A space that the school let them use for free.

“We service about 25 children a month,” Maize said.

The Foster Closet's sole purpose is to help people in the community, but this time they need your help.

“We need a new location by June of 2020,” Maize. “We've had this space unlimited, no charge through Millington schools, but they passed their sinking fund, and they will be moving the children into this building.”

Which means the hunt is on for a new space that will fit the bill.

These foster parents worry of what will happen if they don’t.

“If they don’t find that space, we don’t have a Foster Closet,” Maize said.

They're hoping someone out there knows of the perfect space to keep supporting these foster families.

“That would be amazing,” she said. “Just to have someone who could give the space for an extended period of time would be amazing.”

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