Democratic gubernatorial candidates speak at town hall

Gretchen Whitmer (Source: WNEM)

Michigan’s residents are against Governor Whitmer’s 45-cent gas tax. According to a recent poll, 75-percent are opposed to it.

On Tuesday, March 5th, Gov. Whitmer proposed a 45-cent gas tax. She immediately received backlash, with one resident creating a petition to stop the proposed tax.

“As far as standing’s go we’re actually number 40 in the country for allocation of funds from gas taxes to the actual road commissions to be able to build these projects,” Aaron Johnson, creator of the petition said. “If we stand together being a republic we can make things change. We don’t have to sit back and listen to people that are in office and let them tell us what to do.”

New polling released by the Marketing Resource Group shows that Gov. Whitmer’s 45-cent gas tax has stalled with Michigan voters.

According to the poll, 75-percent of likely voters oppose the tax hike.

The poll was conducted from April 9-13 and it surveyed 600 likely voters.

Despite widespread outrage to the plan and Whitmer’s struggle to find support, she is threatening to shut-down State government if her plan is not passed.

The Governor has also publicly stated that she is not willing to negotiate on an alternative proposal unless her preconditions are met, including a massive $2.5 billion revenue increase.

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Governor Whitmer is saying if it doesn't pass, she'll shut down the State. That sounds like blackmail to me. She is good proof of somebody willing to do ANYTHING to get elected.....make promises and then when they get elected, promises go right out the door.


Back in 1951 there was a law that money collected for the highway department must go to the highway trust fund. Then during the con-con in the mid mid sixties the order was struck down, our roads lost that money look what we have now BRING BACK PA-51.


let her shut down government demanding people to pay for something what is not for Michigan or Michiganders is ridiculous and scam she doesn't care about all the elders who are on a fixed income how does she think people who cant afford the high gas tax get around if they cant afford a car? she is not willing to sit down and get to lower our car insurance so please how does she expect people to pay? all we seen from her so far is destroying jobs and raise taxes but she is not willing to do anything for the people in Michigan and i hope and pray Michigan republicans don't give in to her demand democrats need to stop defrauding Michiganders and scamming them out of money


i Hope a majority of the people that voted for her now realize how much of a mistake it was. There is so many other places that the money can come from, Including the MI Lotto. By just taking 1% of the money that is used to go towards jackpots would be enough to fund all our infrastructure issues within a timely matter and without imposing on our already struggling economy. By raising taxes on our fuel would impact a lot of people’s lives in a negative way which would then just cause a trickle effect into vacation areas and many more. Also a lot of us want to know where all the other money that was approved and suppose to go towards the roads went. The Governor needs to start paying attention to what Michigan residents want and not what her needs are!

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