Two suspects were arrested after two people were stabbed and had their vehicle stolen in Bay County.

The incident happened Monday evening in the 1000 block of Scheurmann in Hampton Township.

A male and female were dropping a woman off at a house in the 1000 block of Scheurmann when she stabbed both of them, Hampton Township Police said.

The female suspect and a male suspect then stole the victims' vehicle, police said.

The vehicle was recovered about a block away from the scene and is being processed for evidence.

The male victim sustained life-threatening injuries and suffered a wound to his chest, police said, adding the female victim sustained a laceration to her face.

"At that moment I really thought I was going to die," the male victim said.

The female victim went to the Walgreens on Center Avenue for help, police said. She was later taken to the hospital.

Law enforcement credited Walgreens' employees for helping the victim.

"They assisted the female that came to the store. They had no other involvement with it whatsoever. It didn't happen on their property, but they tended to her, calmed her, reassured her, which was a huge help," Hampton Township Public Safety Director Bryan Benchley said.

The two suspects were arrested on Tuesday.

The female suspect, 37-year-old Jessica Ayers, was arraigned on Wednesday. She has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and unlawfully driving away an automobile.

Ayers pleaded not guilty.

"I'm happy that justice has been served. They got caught," the male victim said.

He said he was able to make it to his girlfriend's house after the attack as he fought to stay alive.

"He's crawling towards the door and I'm looking and I'm like, 'oh my god! It's him!' And he's bleeding. Part of his shirt is wrapped around his stab wound and it's all bloody. And he's dripping blood," said Shana Burch, the victim's girlfriend.

As for the victim, he is hoping to be home in time for Thanksgiving.

"You know, I get the chance to keep living, see another day. I'm grateful," he said.

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