Authorities have identified a victim whose body was found in a plastic bag.

Officials said he's been identified as Robert Jack Counterman Jr., 67. His last known address was in Gaylord.

Gratiot County Sheriff Doug Wright said two men were hunting about 10 a.m. Sunday along Warner Road near Olive Road in Seville Township when they spotted what looked like a body in a dark-colored garbage bag.

The hunters opened the bag and found a human body inside. They immediately called 911, the sheriff's office said.

Wright said the bag was about 10 feet below the road surface in a drainage ditch.

The body was transported to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for an autopsy.

Wright said Counterman's body was in “relatively good condition” other than some obvious injuries. There were also tattoos on the body, which helped police identify the victim.

He had an eagle tattoo on his right shoulder and on his left shoulder he had a tattoo of a skull wearing a cowboy hat and a handkerchief. The skull is bordered by the written states of Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Counterman's body had the middle and ring fingers on his left hand taped together, the sheriff's office said.

"It's freaky. I was like holy cow. That's not even 200 yards away and here they find the body. It's just crazy," said Jadd McVeigh, resident.

McVeigh takes care of his grandmother, Jane Fairchild, who lives very close to where the body was dumped.

"Was really nerve-racking because I just got back from heart surgery. I was already shook up with that. Kind of scares you because it's just too close to home," Fairchild said.

McVeigh said police asked them if they saw anything suspicious.

"I really haven't noticed anything weird," McVeigh said.

He said he will be on edge until they find out what happened.

"Being as safe as possible. We're keeping the house locked. We're just gonna watch out, hope that nothing happens," McVeigh said.

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