Officials investigate possible police impersonator in East Lansing

Source: East Lansing Police Dept.

Officials are investigating a possible case of police impersonation in East Lansing.

On March 27, a man told East Lansing Police that while walking home he was stopped by someone he thought was a police officer near the Saginaw-Hagadorn intersection.

The man said he was approached by the suspected impersonator and questioned as to why he was in the area.

The suspected impersonator quickly left the area after noticing that he was being videotaped by a third party.

Police investigated and said that person who stopped him was not a real police officer.

He is described as being in his late 20s to mid-30s, 6’ tall with green eyes, close-cut brown hair and a small birth mark or scar on his right cheek.

At the time of the incident he was wearing a royal blue police-style uniform with a dark stripe down the leg of the pants.

The uniform had a red and blue patch with a gold shield on the sleeves.

The suspect also had a handgun holstered on his left side.

The man was driving a white Ford Taurus with overhead lights and the words “police” and “Lansing” on the side.

It would resemble the picture in this article.

East Lansing Police said there was never any physical contact or an attempted abduction.

If you have any information, or know who took that video, call (517) 319-6884.

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