Jane Fonda in Flint

An event to protect fair wages was headlined by actress, author, and activist Jane Fonda.

Flint Southwestern High School was filled with big names and big plans for voter turn out.

The One Fair Wage rally had guests like actress Jane Fonda and the Co-Founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Patrisse Cullors.

The One Fair Wage measure wants to raise the minimum wage in Michigan to $12 per hour, especially for those in tipped positions.

They’re worried lawmakers will adopt the measures and take them off the ballots in a lame duck session before they’re finalized.

Supporters of the movement, like Jane Fonda, say the decision needs to be in voters hands.

“We just want to beg people to understand how important it is right now to vote,” Fonda said.

Of course the main point of the meeting was going out and voting on Nov. 6, but also at the forefront was the continuing issue of the Flint water crisis.

“We’re going to win back our state, we’re going to get clean water, we’re going to get a fricken education, and we’re going to do everything else that we need and we’re going to do it together with incredible people that we’re going to vote into government,” said Saru Jayaraman.

Local organization leaders, like Eileen Hayes from Michigan Faith and Action, say both the inspiration and energy these activist brought to Flint will help in the days leading up to the election.

“I think that Jane Fonda and Saru and Patrisse Cullors having those names here on the ground with us, giving up time from their busy schedule, and lives to come in and be on the ground with our issues just brings us together in unity and solidarity around the importance of getting out to vote,” Hayes said.

Even though Fonda isn’t from Michigan, she says it holds a special place in her heart and she’s hoping no one votes alone.

“Not only vote but bring everyone you know that’s registered to vote.

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