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A Michigan man has started a petition on to stop Governor Whitmer's proposed gas tax, and in 3 days the petition has received more than 56,000 signatures.

On Tues. Mar. 5, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposed a 45-cent gas tax to all Michiganders that would go to help fix the roads.

Since the proposal, many Michigan residents have vocally opposed the move.

Aaron Johnson, a Michigan resident, started a petition on calling for no new gas tax in Michigan.

"As far as standings go we're actually number 40 in the country for allocation of funds from gas taxes to the actual road commissions to be able to build these projects," Johnson said. "If we stand together being a republic we can make things change. We don't have to sit back and listen to that people that are in office and let them tell us what to do."

Johnson acknowledged the roads in the great lakes state can be a challenge. But he believes the highways and byways would be a lot better if all the revenue generated from the gas tax that is currently in place, goes towards the roads, instead of other things like schools.

“Why is one hundred percent of the funds not being used for the roads? That's my question that I want anyone in office, representative level all the way to governor level. The money is not going to the roads and that needs to change," Johnson said.

The petition was started on Mar. 5 and so far, more than 56,000 signatures.

"I never would've imagined it would've reached something this great. And now I’m pushing for three or even four times the amount of signers that we have now so we can present this to our governor and our representatives."

CLICK HERE to see the petition

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