Greta Van Fleet drops new single ahead debut album

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The sound of Greta Van Fleet is making headlines in the music industry.

Within the last few months, the band has signed with a major record label and inked a deal with one of the top talent agencies in the world.

In April, its first studio EP, or extended play, was released, and Greta Van Gleet has since gained worldwide recognition thanks to rave review for the group’s throwback sound.

“It’s taking you back in time, and into the future. There’s a timeless quality about it,” said Jake Kiszka, band member.

When asked about being named the Apple Music artist of the week, the band said it’s “Overwhelming. That’s pretty sweet. Overwhelmingly cool I would have to say. It’s very surreal.”

Greta Van Fleet is three brothers, Josh, Jake and Sam Kiszka and their good friend Danny Wagner.

At 21, Josh and Jake are the oldest. They are also twins.

Jake explained how the group came together.

“Primarily I started the group in the beginning. I had a friend that used to be our drummer and slowly Sam started coming out to play because we needed someone to play bass. We needed pieces to be filled so he came out and started playing bass for us. And Josh would come out and sing and we always played music our whole lives so it’s like why not leverage that resource and do something with it. And then later Danny came in and it’s been all contained right here. It all happened in this garage," he said.

Sam and Danny are both seniors at Frankenmuth High School. They can’t wait to graduate in order to dedicate more time to the band.

“You take senioritis and multiply it by at least 3 trillion,” Danny said.

They’ll both receive diplomas on June 1, but before then, they’ll finish their first concert tour, opening in six cities for the well-known rock band The Struts.

So, where did the name Greta Van Fleet come from?

Josh explains, it’s a tribute to a respected Frankenmuth musician named Gretna Van Fleet.

“She’s a town elder you know, everybody knew her,” Josh said.

A few years ago the band heard about her, liked her name and what she stood for.

They dropped the “n” in Gretna so it rolls off the tongue better and named the band in her honor.

Gretna is 86-years-old now and said she appreciated the attention.

“I think it’s great. I mean, it’s been fun. I’ve met so many people because they ask how are you connected? And it’s just through my name, and I wish them the best. I hope they make it great in the music world," she said.

The band said fame and fortune would be fine, but they’re in the music business for simple reasons.

“I want everybody to hear the music and I want them to be able to take that energy from the music and take it back out into the world," Sam said.

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