Plan says Lake Huron in 'fair' condition, seeks progress


A company that wants to dump nuclear waste near Lake Huron says it has no other options.

Ontario Power Generation plans to store radioactive waste 2,000 feet underground near Kincardine, directly east of the Saginaw Bay.

The company said it studied alternative sites, but none were better.

The Canadian Environment Ministry has delayed a final ruling on the proposal, which has been heavily criticized by environmental activists and U.S. lawmakers.

Congressman Dan Kildee issued the following statement:“Burying nuclear waste less than a mile from Lake Huron just doesn’t make sense and is too much of a risk to take, especially considering nuclear material remains radioactive for thousands of years. I continue to work with Democrats and Republicans to call attention to this threat to our Great Lakes, and I implore that Canada considers a different location for a site that is outside the Great Lakes basin. Surely in the vast land mass that comprises Canada, there must be a better place to permanently store nuclear waste than on the shores of Lake Huron.”Copyright 2017 WNEM (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.