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Nine months after historic flooding forced thousands to evacuate their homes as rising waters devoured them, some families are still working to pick up the pieces.

On Tuesday, the United Way of Midland County and other partners put together some of those pieces in special kits for dozens of flood survivors.

“Today we are going to be assembling a Home in a Box kit. And what that is, is brand new furnishings for the flood survivors,” said Bre Sklar, disaster volunteer manager of United Way of Midland County.

Volunteers put together 50 House in a Box kits at a Midland warehouse. The kits were filled with brand new household necessities, including a couch, bed and linens, dinette, pots and pans, dishes, and more. The kits were given to local flood survivors.

“You know, this is a really vital part of the long-term recovery efforts. If you think about recovery, it’s in stages. And when it comes to furnishing your home, that’s one of the last and most important stages,” said Holly Miller, president and CEO of United Way of Midland County.

A House in a Box kit even includes silverware, bathroom setups, and is scalable to match the size of the family. The kits start at $3,200 for a family of four. The project is a collaborative effort between the long-term disaster recovery group, United Way of Midland County, and the Disaster Services Corporation of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

“This is a community that needs some resources and we think that anything we can do would be helpful,” said Kevin Peach, with the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

The House in a Box program is award-winning and among the most well-known national programs for helping people rebuilding from disaster. If you would like to help build House in a Box kits or would like more information, click here.

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