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The #LetThemPlay movement is trying to get the state’s high school football players back on the field.

“I could not have asked for it to be any better,” said Jayme McElvaney, the organizer of the Let Them Play rally that took place on Aug. 28.

On Friday, the Milan football mom was one of the 500+ parents, players and coaches on the capitol steps in Lansing protesting the state’s decision to postpone high school football until the spring.

“It was not a political rally, it was just some good Americans wanting to have their rights back and fighting for their kids,” said McElvaney.

McElvaney started the Let Them Play movement only a few weeks ago – hours after the MHSAA pushed football to the spring.

Since then, the movement’s Facebook group has nearly 18,000 members and counting.

“It means these kids have supporters and it’s showing them that they’re not alone and that they can stand up and fight for things they believe in,” said McElvaney.

McElvaney and her supporters want football to begin now.

They say politics is what’s keeping the kids off the field.

As border states led by republican governors like Ohio and Indiana take the field, Michigan, led by democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, sits on the sidelines.

“At some point, the world, the country, the state has to start moving forward because coronavirus isn’t going anywhere,” said McElvaney. “Just like the flu isn’t going anywhere. We have to live with coronavirus rather than trying to completely 100% figure out how to stop it. That’s just not an option.”

McElvaney said she and her group have not yet heard back from the MHSAA or the governor on moving football back to the fall.

She knows it’s likely a losing battle, but she says her group will continue to fight on behalf of the kids who want to play in the fall.

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