Overflowing Saginaw River freezes acres of land for residents

The winter weather is hitting Mid-Michigan hard this weekend and it knocked out power for thousands of homes and businesses.

It coated the streets with ice and caused flooding problems in several areas.

One local man’s dozens of acres were completely frozen over.

When opening the door to his backyard, Art Joitke doesn’t see a lawn but rather a frozen tundra.

It’s all because of an overflowing Saginaw River, leaving large patches of ice onto his property in Zilwaukee Township.

“When the wind blows out of the north, it pushes the Saginaw River well above flood stage and yes it does flood,” Joitke said.

Joitke currently lives in Bay City, but still owns a home along the river.

He said due to this weekend’s winter storm, it’s left several homeowners along his road stuck in the same situation.

Even vehicles have trouble traversing through the terrain as the ice, water, and snow have created a dangerous mix on these roads.

“You’ve got to be careful,” Joitke said.

Careful indeed as this is no cakewalk for 82-year-old Joitke, who’s come to check on his home’s sump pump and basement for flooding.

But it’s something he said that people have grown accustomed to living along the river.

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The title makes it sound like the river over flowing and freezing is somehow doing property owners a favor. ??

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