Paintball vandals hit home in Saginaw

Paintball vandals are at it again in Mid-Michigan, this time targeting homes in Saginaw.

“We heard some loud noises like on the windows like somebody was hitting the windows or breaking the windows,” said Billie Sheffield.

It was a rude awakening for Sheffield. Loud noises prompting her to think someone was trying to break into her Saginaw home early Sunday morning, Jun. 13.

Sheffield soon discovered that while no one had tried to break in, someone had targeted her home.

“I seen the paintball guns along the, the paint along the windows when I looked out my inside window, I seen all the paint here,” Sheffield said.

Which Sheffield said it will be a challenge to clean.

“I don’t know, that’s probably going to be a very hard job because I don’t know how good it comes off the roof,” Sheffield said.

Sheffield said this isn’t the first time her house has been a target for paintball vandals. She was hit last September.

She also heard on social media some other residents in her neighborhood were targeted.

Residents said this may be all fun and games to those responsible but there could be real consequences.

“Homeowners may not know that these are paintguns, that these kids are pulling out and they may be seriously hurt from going by and doing this,” Sheffield said.

Typically something that happens during warmer months, reports of paintball vandals are getting a lot of traction lately.

Just last week, paintballers hit over two dozen homes in December and January in Bay City.

Saginaw Township Police say they also had a similar incident last week.

Sheffield said she filed a report with Saginaw PD about this most recent case hoping for everyone’s safety it comes to an end.

“Stop doing things like that before they lose their lives playing this game,” Sheffield said.

Anyone with information on these vandals is asked to call the police.

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