Police are still searching for the killer who gunned down a mid-Michigan nurse while jogging more than five years ago.

"They figured that this would get solved very quickly,” said Nikki Brueger, mother of the victim.

Nikki and Franz Brueger's daughter Ally was gunned down in broad daylight, leaving many unanswered questions.

"You wonder why. Like what did this person get out of this,” Franz said.

Ally was a dedicated nurse and runner. Her mother said Ally was shot on a July afternoon in 2016. The killer, using a shotgun, opened fire multiple times at close range.

Ally was shot and killed as she was on her daily run along Fish Lake Road in the Holly area.

Nikki said investigators initially told the family they believed Ally was the victim of a targeted attack, and Ally knew her killer. But she said now they're telling her they no longer believe that.

"They created this false sense of security. Not only in Rose Township, but in Holly, in Fenton, in Highland, in all of the surrounding areas,” Nikki said.

Nikki believes her daughter's killer is still out there and says the information provided to the public in the beginning may have hindered solving the case.

"Because what I did, it prevented people that had tips thinking that this case was going to get solved right away so, and ya know, most people do not want to get involved,” Nikki said.

While Ally's parents wait and wonder if the case will ever come to a close, they have a living reminder of their daughter - their dog Zeus who was rescued by Ally the year before she died.

But they want to know who killed their daughter and why. They hope a $20,000 reward entices a witness or informant to come forward.

“It's not too late if they saw something. And it's not that hard to pick up a phone. You can stay anonymous,” Nikki said.

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