Racist video

A video that circulated around a Mid-Michigan high school has outraged both parents and students over its apparent racial attack.

The video was created by a Midland High School student and targets what appears to be an interracial couple, with vile commentary towards them.

The video sparked outraged in and around Midland High School.

Parents who reached out to TV5 said their kids don’t feel safe at the school, many concerned about the punishment given to the creator.

The superintendent of Midland Public Schools, Michael Sharrow, released a statement saying Midland Public Schools and Midland High School do not tolerate this type of behavior. He went on to say the student discipline and names are protected, as in all student discipline cases.

The superintendent sent a letter to parents letting that know that as of Mar. 7, the investigation is over, and the necessary precautions have been taken. He also expressed that the school has been training teachers on how to work with students in getting them to work together.

He said the district has used disciplinary consequences, counseling and reformative practices as required. He said the goal is to assist students in making better choices.

Terry Pruitt is president of the Saginaw chapter of the NAACP. He is disappointed to learn that the student appears to target a black male student and white female student who the narrator claims are dating.

The video uses the N-word and suggests the interracial relationship could lead to rape, drug abuse or murder.

"People who think that racism and discrimination doesn't exist in this country have still got to wake up," Pruitt said.

Pruitt wants to see the Midland school district send a clear message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

"Almost to the point of zero tolerance for something like this. And the punishment even up to expulsion. You know I'm not sure of all the details, but even up to expulsion has to be on the table in terms of consideration for reprimanding this student," Pruitt said.

Sharrow also said all parents and students involved in the issue have been contacted.

As for Pruitt, he believes the days of Jim Crow rules and segregation are over and we should all act accordingly.

"We can't turn the clock back. We've got to be much more progressive in our thinking and allow people to be with who they want to be with, to love who they want to be with, and interact with who they want to interact with," Pruitt said.

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